Functional Movement & Fitness Training

Complete Mind-Body Training

Our training begins by connecting your brain back into your body.  A strong mind-body connection is the foundation that lets you actualize a complete, healthy, functional, and fit body. By creating lasting neural-pathways you can change the way you use your body on a daily basis, to better your posture, increase your strength, mobility and live more pain-free. Learn proper movement technique by connecting your brain to specific muscle functions. We will create a new relationship with your body and take your fitness to a whole new level.

I practice a varied combination of strength, durability, mobility, and traditional mat pilates training. Exercises designed by Joseph H Pilates to lengthen, reconnect, and improve the muscles are my foundation and I have spent years elaborating on Joseph Pilates exercises to further improve the body. I am very passionate about the body and its abilities to change no matter how long it has been 'this way' and love seeing lives change because of reconditioning the mind and body.

Whatever your goals, I am passionate about working with all types of people who are committed to looking, feeling, and moving better!

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Core Strength

Learn what your core really consists of and connect to your inner abdominals for better posture, less back pain, stability, balance, and control.

Lean Muscle

Workouts feature uniquely crafted movements and traditional exercises mainly using your body mass and strength to truly  gain strength and tone your entire body.

Injury Recovery

Reactivate dormant or injured muscles and release overworked muscles that have been over-compensating.  This is where the mind-body connection is crucial and enforced.

Better Posture

Learning how the body is naturally designed to sit, stand, and move is essential for getting rid of constant aches and pains.


Personally crafted exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles to construct leaner, denser muscles while increasing range of motion for ease of movement.


PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching is useful for safely increasing flexibility, circulation, muscle and injury recovery. Plus it feels amazing!

Sports Specific

Learning how to optimally use your body will benefit all sports. I have experience working with swimmers, surfers, cyclists, gymnasts, golfers, tennis, to improve your strength and range of motion simultaneously.  The principles of our training are all based on your body's core strength, stability and mobility which are all vital to improve in any sport or specific goal.

A Diversity of Experience to
Support Your Goals.


Years of Experience





I have always wanted to move, create, and keep my body in almost constant motion.  Exercise for me is a way of life and a means to maintaining a good physique, ability to pick up new activities and most importantly maintain a strong mind.  At the age of 12, I was hit crossing the street and tossed into the air and landed on my hip and arm causing several muscular and bone traumas . At age 16 I was a passenger in a car which crashed into several objects, totaling the vehicle and causing neck and spine damage. Unbelievably at age 20 I was a passenger in a car which drunk drivers drove head-on into us,  causing severe head, spine and leg damage.

While this onset of misfortune could have turned into a life of pain and sedentary lethargy, I worked endlessly trying to find relief from my injuries and push through to maintain my desire to be very physically active. I spent fortunes on physical therapy, chiropractic, MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) acupuncture, all which would help relieve pain but didn't seem to fix my injuries. It wasn't until I attended New York University, where I was introduced to Traditional Joseph Pilates Theory. This is when I discovered the ability of his technique to repair and strengthen my damaged muscles, decrease  chronic pain and increase my mobility and agility. I knew this was the beginning of something amazing.

After studying a few semesters of Joseph Pilates technique I was able to stand, move, sit and feel better! I quickly adapted his exercises into my life and exploded with new vigor for sports.

At the age of 23, I became obsessed with Adult gymnastics, learning how to do handsprings, handstands, backflips, layouts and the rings. At age 27, I began avidly skydiving, using my agility and strength to control my maneuvers and flips in the air and at age 30, I became addicted to surfing and still am today.

My most recent education took me back to New York City to participate in a Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries workshop at the School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.  An exceptional course, “Where Movement meets Medicine.”  I was able to work with prosections of cadavers to recognize and touch the insertion points of each ligament, tendon, nerve, muscle, and joints of the body deepening my knowledge.
I am so fascinated by the human body, its abilities to recover, move, change, 'break' and regenerate. The body's abilities only cease where the mind does.

Tabitha Grasing
Venice Beach, California

Certifications & Continued Learning

Functional Anatomy of Muscular Injuries
Classic Pilates
Pilates Certifications I & II
Skeletal System
PNF Training
Human Nutrition                                  


Tabitha is a gifted trainer with an infectiously positive attitude who truly understands how the body works.  A fantastic listener, she and I became a team that helped me overcome severe injury and become strong once again.

I’m an avid cyclist, who after years of hard riding, began to experience lower back pain, including sciatic nerve pain down my legs. My daily life was adversely affected.  Anytime I participated in any activity that involved sitting, I was in serious discomfort at best, and in sheer agony at worst.  I sought help from some of the best doctors and physical therapists in town, yet achieved no relief.  

I was tremendously fortunate to meet Tabitha.  She first worked with me on stretching, and then later on building core strength through Pilates-style workouts she created.  After every session, I felt a little better. In a relatively short amount of time, I was able to get back on the bike and complete a 100-mile ride with almost no discomfort!  My results have been merely phenomenal — and could not have happened as fast and as positively without her. Tabitha is the best!

Michael Moore

Tabitha’s exceptional energy and expertise have improved my range of motion over 150% across my entire body. As a 34-year-old digital designer that sits at a computer all day, my posture and range of motion have suffered drastically over my career. I started working twice a week with Tabitha last Summer with a goal of improved range of motion and strength. Tabitha’s guidance has provided me with an immense range of motion improvement and insane power.

I have been able to activate muscles I didn’t even know I had. My posture has improved; my muscle definition has increased, and have significantly less pain day-to-day. I am learning how to interact with my body correctly. Transformation and awareness have been amazing.

Before working with Tabitha, I never expected to be able to do a muscle-up, or skin the cat on the gymnastic rings before. Now, we are practicing those movements weekly. Her unique blend of Pilates, motion work, and gymnastics are something I have never encountered before, but the results are fantastic.

Steve Berry

I have been training with Tabitha Grasing for over 3 years, and it has changed my life.  Tabitha has a passion for training and designed my training sessions to address my physical issues and goals while taking my lifestyle and diet into consideration.  She is a real motivator and is in great shape herself, which motivates me to work that much harder!

I had a neck fusion in 2015, resulting in limited mobility and constant pain.  Working with Tabitha, my daily pain has decreased dramatically, and my range of motion is incredible.  Overall I am stronger and more fit with much better posture.  And it’s not just me saying this.  Since training with Tabitha, I have received many positive comments on my overall appearance.

Tabitha is exceptionally knowledgeable about nutrition and the human body. She’s an excellent communicator and compassionate listener.  Bottom line - Tabitha cares!  Her positive energy, dedication, knowledge, and punctuality are contagious and motivating.  I am grateful Tabitha came into my life, and I would highly recommend her.

Pat Kennedy

I’ve had a chronic hip and QL pain for life, and at 50 I was lucky enough to run into Tabitha. I’ve had 25 trainers in my life, and they all said they could fix it but none of them could, until Tabitha
The critical component of change has been Tabitha’s teaching how to focus on which muscles I am trying to activate. So now I’m lifting less weight in the same exercises that I used to do, but with better results. My hip is fixed, and every element of chronic pain I had has gone away. I’m getting in better shape than I ever before and have learned how to engage my core.

She brings a lot of positivity to every workout and is a lot of fun, even through the pain!  I could not suggest working with her more strongly for anyone who has had structural issues or wants to get in great shape.  She is a miracle worker, and she has changed my life.

David Sokolin

My work with Tabitha has been unlike any prior experience with personal training, class training, or physical therapy. She has taken me on a journey that began as a simple recovery program, evolved into goal-based exercise and has now become an ethos. The mind-body connection and corresponding strength (both physical and mental) gained from each of our sessions have led to a more fulfilled everyday life.

Michael Ray

It is both a privilege and honor to write a testimonial for Tabitha and her incredible abilities as a personal trainer. Struggling with injuries and back pain brought me to Tabitha.  After less than a year, working out twice weekly, I have less pain, a better range of motion, increased body strength, stamina, endurance, better posture and balance, improved eating habits, which has all led to a better self-image and a happier me!

I have become more physically fit and Tabitha has guided me to change my overall attitude toward living a healthier and more balanced existence.

Training with Tabitha has changed my life! Her spirit and determination never cease to amaze and inspire me. Her passion, dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm, sensitivity, attention to me as an individual are beyond expectation. I eagerly look forward to our sessions and continuing my healthy journey with Tabitha.

Susanne B. LaRiviere

I started working with Tabitha to fulfill a lifelong dream of being able to do a straddle press headstand. I’d been practicing yoga and working out my whole life but was never able to accomplish this when I found Tabitha, I thought it would be a fun and ambitious project.

Tabitha was game for the challenge. What she didn’t know when we started was that I had a young child, and since my pregnancy, I suffered from terrible back pain, hip problems and was generally stiff as a board. Eventually, we accomplished my goal! It was a proud moment for me. There were incredible changes in my body along the path to my goal.

My mobility, flexibility, and strength were so much better than before. I feel like I have a whole new body.For the first time in my life, I could easily touch my toes, stretch, and move so much better and pain-free! I’m happy and grateful to have accomplished my goal and improve the way I feel and move my body! Thank you Tabitha!

Rachel Langer


Our 1-on-1 sessions are approximately 60 minutes. One hour dedicated training to your goal, including warm up, alignment, functional training finishing with 10 minutes of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching, to aid in muscle recovery.

Monthly In Person-60 Minute Sessions

Functional Training
PNF Stretching

Online Sessions available. Please contact directly for assessment and rates.

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6 Sessions

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8 Sessions

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10 Sessions

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60 min PNF Full Body Stretch & Soft Tissue Manipulation


4-Sessions Stretch Package


50 min PNF Stretch & Soft Tissue Manipulation

Packages are to be used within a 31 day period.  24 hr cancellations are appreciated.  Less than 24 hr cancelation will result in  a full session being used, Illnesses and other sudden emergencies will always be taken into consideration. Remember to achieve your goals you must put in the time and effort.

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